Sagittarius Women In Love

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Sagittarius Women Are Caring, Hopeless Romantics Really

Beneath a cool exterior, Sagittarius women are one of the most romantic and erotic women you could ever meet. All fire signs have this aspect and that’s why they are so compatible with each other, but after a time fire fans fire and both simply burn out.

Fire signs can still be highly compatible together if they can learn to cool down and compromise with one another: Aries Action, Leo Pride, Sagittarius Spiritual, known for truthfulness, boldness, high energy, passion, anger and of course love!

Fire signs like to stay low key, play it down and stay cool. Let’s see where it takes us. They are careful with their hearts. Saying “I love you” can be said in a passionate moment and is simply foreplay. But if said meaningfully, you will only get one chance to get it right. If you say it make sure that you mean it too.

They know people very well and are a great judge of character. But sometimes the rose tinted glasses or the idea of love is bigger. They fall in love so many times.


Sagittarius Women In Love

Sagittarius Turn Offs And Pet Peeves

They are quickly turned off by insincerity, superficial values and ignorance. Once burned, things won’t ever be the same, even if they take you back, you will be under the radar or tested for the next decade.

Sagittarius Turn Ons

Women Like To Feel Secure

An alpha male can make a woman feel safe but can he really make her laugh? Sagittarius women like a mixture of stimulating conversation, strength and fun.

Get More Intimate With A Sagittarius? Mix It Up!

Sagittarius women can compensate for the lack of humour or gregariousness. They dislike awkward silences and will usually joke around but they do enjoy serious and intellectual or philosophical conversation (but not all of the time!). A good way to hold down a Sagittarius or fire sign is touch. This cools down the fires and helps them to be comfortable with you in every situation. Fire signs are mutable, not always reactive, but they like to trust their partner and feel close physically. Females are different from the males as they dislike very close intimate contact, for example, a physical game or looking in one’s eyes, gets very tedious after a time. Nil point!

Sagittarius Women Are Freaks In The Bedroom And So Are The Males Prepare To Sweat 

Most fire signs and definitely Sagittarius people can last until dawn. You may want to buy extra bed sheets! They are passionate and enthusiastic in other physical activities too like sport, combative sports and hobbies such as archery. Sagittarius likes to have fun and spice things up, but sometimes, they can be a little too spicy! Maybe buy them some ice cream to cool them down! Or keep extra bottles of bubbly on ice.

Are Sagittarius People Crazy?

Yes and no. They are very physical and they need to have a good balance of energy, exercise, nutrition, good friends and family or many just like travel. They can never get enough of anything new. They don’t form serious attachments (except for offspring). They do know what they’re talking about most of the time, though, they’ll always prefer to walk away from petty arguments. They might seem stupid but arguing is beneath them!

Patient, Kind, Honest and Caring – Is that such a bad thing? They also have a zero B.S. tolerance radar, so don’t waste your time.

They don’t enjoy being taken or a fool or being scammed. You should look over your shoulder if you wrong them.

Living With Or Getting Close With A Firey Sagittarius

The rumbling fire underneath such a super cool exterior can take some people aback. They are emotional but most of the time they won’t show it. If they do show emotion, then you must try to listen or it might be best to leave.

If they get irritable or into a rage ignore it/them or leave. Don’t engage in their domestic outbursts. If things get crucial then you should assess what you’ve done, consider an apology, think about your safety and maybe an escape route. Fire signs erupt like volcanos!

Let Thing Blow Over And Laugh About Arguments. Forgive And Forget. Or Get Left Behind!

Dating A Sagittarius Girl

Do you really need suggestions as to where to take her or how to woo her? Sagittarius women don’t like sex on a first date. They like a traditional date and want to know more (lots more). The conversation is the big winner here. Wherever you go, connect energy and build rapport. For love, take it slow, for fun, she’ll let YOU know…

Life With A Sagittarius – All Work And No Play Makes A Sagittarius No Fun!

They make excellent friends, parents, partnerships, entrepreneurs! Don’t doubt them, give them confidence and they’ll shine. Try to treat them kindly as they would likely do anything for you! They are latent leaders. They will lead but it can take them some time to do so. They are very moral, sometimes overly so. And should be reminded of the true nature of things from time to time, they should have a little more fun and let go more often.

Encourage them to reward themselves and have fun to prevent going over the top on the few occasions they allow themselves. Respect their values, but help them manage when they are feeling low of energy or a little depleted. Make sure they eat fresh fruit and veg. Less meat, sweets and alcohol. They need to stay healthy and fit.