Mixed Race Skin Care Things You Need To Know!

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Mixed Race Skin Care And Hyperpigmentation Advice

If you or anyone close to you suffer from hyperpigmentation or overhealing, you should give this a read and a share. Hyperpigmentation is a really annoying skin or blemish issue and the sufferer usually comes to accept it over time. But people can still be quite rude about hyperpigmentation. As they don’t understand it very well.

It can be expensive to maintain such skin and keep the blemishes to a minimum. But here are the products and routines I’d recommend!

  1. Clarins Cleanser & Toner – no joke the set for combination skin reduces my marks by 70%
  2. Camouflage makeup or cake bake – (Fashion Fair, Black Opal, Sleek) you can’t smother your face every day though!
  3. Lighter foundations that help control it is Elizabeth Arden with SPF 15 this kept my skin so radient.
  4. Clinique soap is also a good product for preventing blemishes and breakouts. Though, it can be a little drying.

Foundations with rice bran and natural bb creams are also a great option. Yves Rocher sells gold light and gold medium and they help to improve the texture and PH balance of your skin.

The most important thing with hyperpigmentation is to keep a great skin routine. And please don’t go for the lightening products, as they will lighten the whole area. You can try making your own creams and tonics. I used to make them when I was a child, some of them really worked well. One of my favourite preparations for my skin was mashed pair. Basically, the AHAs that are in the foods are already in some of our products, so it’s well worth doing some experimenting. Oat milk, cider vinegar, lemon, wasabi, whatever tickles your fancy! Adding mixtures to the face will cleanse and stimulate the blood flow and that’s primarily what you want. New layers of fresh, dewy skin!

I would say that treating your skin to nourishment and lots of cleansing is the way forward. Your skin isn’t dirty of course, but it will help to get an overall look of balanced and cleansed skin.

You may not ever reach perfection with this, but you will see a great improvement. Also, try a night cream and facial brush.

I think the most important thing to do is love yourself, accept your marks and carry on with life. Don’t let anyone stop you because of a few negative comments.

If you have hirsutism, in addition, it will be embarrassing, no doubt. But if you want to get a few sessions of laser and then switch to an epilator or wax treatment and use a natural hair retardant, this will work best. Generally waxing and threading does NOT work for awkward facial hair and there may be scarring with electrolysis.

You just have to work with what God gave you and highlight the great bits, rather than focusing or worrying about the things you like least of all. I can guarantee you, when you’re older you will wish you hadn’t been so shy. Please don’t let it hold you back.

Working And Makeup For Mixed Race Skin

My advice is just to use a little concealer and mineral powder or bb cream. What more can you do? Some of us don’t like plastering on make up every day. Though it’s nice on occasion, likely you’ll get complimented wearing the full coverage foundation and designer makeup brands. You will get a great reaction because you’ve been looking after your skin and keeping it healthy!

Getting The Right Shade Of Makeup

As we know our skin tone changes from Winter to Summer and the more time we spend indoors or in front of computer screens, the more or melanin can go and we will become increasingly pale. It’s really important to have UV protection, to have a screen protector and to wear glasses with a reflective coating if you wear glasses. Getting back to the subject, you will notice that over time your face and your wrist do not match for selecting shades of makeup. This technique will give you 1-2 shades darker than the actual colour of your face.

Mac Makeup has a system of cool and warm shades. And you can their charts. Department stores will have more choice when it comes to red skin tones and darker skin tones.

Depending on what look you’re going for and what makeup and tools you have already, you can mix your palettes and techniques. I bought a foundation in the sale and thought when I got home it was too pink or too pale (because I tried it on my hand!). Well, take a look at the video and see what I discovered! The coverage was phenomenal, the technique used was a foundation sponge and I went over my face with a contouring palette and flat powder brush. It gave me floorless skin.

I advise you to go for makeup made for black skin, but not anything oil-based. And if anything else pops up that might work, give it a try too! I’m glad I tried this foundation after all. Mix and match your makeup, have a daily bag and a going out bag with cool and warm sections. Then you can grab the colour range you want quickly and easily!

Whatever mode you’re in Summer or Winter, you will need to know if you’re a warm or cool person. Yellow, Red or Blue/Pink based skin. So once you establish this and consider your wardrobe and eye colour palette, you should be able to match the makeup for each season and each outfit.

Do make sure you get out in the sun in winter months and that you take your vitamin D3. This can prevent illness. Vitamin B is good for nerve function and PMT so it’s always handy to have it in the cupboard. You can also keep apple cider vinegar or lemons in your cupboard to cleanse your skin and keep it fresh. Many black and mixed-race people a dairy or lactose intolerant. Prevent pimples and acne by cutting back on dairy (milk, yoghurts, cheese, cream) you can eat a little but it’s best to cut it right back. Especially if you get irritable bowels or skin problems/mood issues.

Pimples And Mixed Race Skin

We are all prone to an occasional breakout but you may also find you have allergies or intolerances to foods or products. Sensitive skins need natural products and high-quality products. You can buy natural soaps, oils and creams that will keep your skin clean, refreshed and supple. If you are like me and less likely to moisturize, use a moisturizing or shea soap. Other soaps can be very drying on the skin. But they are prefered to the shower gels and bath creams which contain an ingredient, a preservative to prevent mould forming in the bottle. This ingredient is now thought to be neurotoxic. The same applies to shampoos and conditioners, it’s the same anti-fungal/preservative. Please do NOT leave these products on your skin/scalp.

Anti Bacterial soaps are a favourite Sebamed is PH balanced. Caustic soap is rather harsh, originally used for cleaning and can be imported from Jamaica, many other soaps, black ash soap for black skin, coconut or shea are good, macadamia and sweet almond. PH balance does seem to be of great importance for keeping clear healthy skin/scalp.

Mixed Race Models Skin Care Routine

As mentioned, mixed-race skincare needs to be on a daily basis, using the famous trio; cleanse, tone and moisturize.

Just try to keep a consistent routine, even if you do miss a day or so. Try not to do anything unusual or irritating to the skin that may take a few days to settle down or that could produce pimples before a show or photoshoot. It’s a safer bet not too. That includes waxing, eyebrow plucking/threading, laser, picking a spot, getting rid of blackheads. You are more likely to get a raised skin or allergic red patch. And this won’t look good in any photo shoot, though it can be covered up or chopped out. If the skin is raised from allergy/histamine reaction, it will show up in certain lighting. You may get away with smaller blemish solutions 2 days prior. Preferably, leave treatments 3-4 days prior and keep the area extra clean!

Battling Ingrown Hairs

You can epilate to minimize your hair and exfoliate to lessen the ingrown hairs. Inevitably, you may still get the occasional one. Please use tea tree or a strong toner when you carefully pick out your ingrown hairs with a pin or a tool. Or simply wait for it to grow out.

Big News Say Goodbye To Dandruff And Itchy Scalp

Karacare has brought out a product line that really works wonders from the first application. It’s expensive but well worth the money! The blue bottles of anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner have some magic ingredient that not only brings all the curls and moisture back in your hair (all hair types), it also cures and prevents itching/flaking and psoriasis. Once you try it you may not be able to live without it, though it can set you back a few pretty pennies. Please do treat yourself to this product. Maybe use it weekly and use your other brand twice weekly. It’s important to wash your hair 3-4 times per week because we are working and travelling in crowded areas and we want to stay fresh and pollution-free too. Wash the gunk and product out of your hair and feel tingling fresh!

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