5 Reasons To Lose Weight Now

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5 Reasons To Lose Weight Now

  1. Invest In Your Future Health Now
  2. Wear The Clothes You Look Good In
  3. Perform Better Sex And Sports
  4. Be A Good Role Model For Your Children
  5. Independence, Confidence And Pride

If you’re already happy with your weight and it doesn’t affect these areas of your life, great! But if your weight is affecting your health, dress size, sex life, hobbies and sports, parenting and your confidence, you should try to nip bad habits in the bud asap. You will reach an age where it will be less easy to lose weight, your skin will be looser and you will wish you did it sooner. With this sort of fat, you will be prone to heart disease, stroke, cancer as you may already be aware. But Cancer now affects people early on in life in ’30s ’40s, not just 50+. So please watch your lifestyle and calorie intake.

5 reasons to lose weight now

5 reasons to lose weight now don’t wait!

The most costly mistake is drinking beer and larger. Many guys will be laughing at the thought of giving up beer. But it contains fish andĀ unless you haven’t noticed, it’s full of yeast and this can give you candida. If you can adjust to red wine or cocktails.

The second mistake is frozen foods. They are so overly processed and dirty we just pile on the calories and we get no nutritional intake whatsoever. Frozen oven food is even worse with hidden fat coatings and plastic containers. Deep fried foods are also not that great, though okay on occasion. Eat more fresh food every day.

The final mistake most men make with their diet, causing multiple health problems/heart problems, is too much red meat. They think that red meat will give them lots of muscles. But red meat is full of fat and is just the type of fat (animal fat) which is UNHEALTHY for our bodies. Dark poultry, fresh game and fresh food are what’s really good for us. We are not all Gordon Ramsy, The Naked Chef Keith Floyd, Nigella or Jamie Oliver.

5 Reasons To Lose Weight Now Summary

Trying to eat rich foods all the time will be a fast way to an early grave. Combine a rich fatty diet with beer and cigarettes, don’t be surprised when you end up on an operating table. It’s not fun. And only then may you start to take your health more seriously. So heed the warning. Health screenings have changed from over 5o to over 40 I’m booked in for my review, are you? I want to be healthier for my children and grow into old age gracefully and attractively, not be an overweight slob! There are so many things I was unable to do when I was overweight. Injuries and joint problems, there are many restrictions actually.

There’s nothing wrong with being fat or overweight is there!?

In ancient days Kings, Queens and Gods may be a little chubbier than the ordinary folk, showing their status and power. And Italians would eat until they were sick. Greek and African people also embrace a healthy size. As long as you are healthy and active, then I guess you will know what works best for you. But being healthy and happy is the main priority. Not your right to be overweight. So think about that for a minute. Also, you might feel fine, but there’s no way to know if you will have a sudden heart attack or cancer diagnosis earlier than expected. So don’t cut your life short, try to find a healthy balance, it’s worth it!


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