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Not the usual type? Looking for a fancy gift or something a little different? I know some women are happy with a concert or walk along the beach. Time is the most precious gift of all!

007 License To Thrill! These Ladies Gifts Are Sure To Thrill!

Women enjoy adventure and fun too. So try something you’ll both enjoy, sports, races, experiences, wine tasting, cookery classes (for two), a city break. Try a Seafood Restaurant, Steak Restaurant Or Try Some Vegan Cuisine, which can be surprisingly good. The way someone eats food is the way they are in the bedroom, so they say. That’s why a restaurant date is like a bit of foreplay if the date goes well! 

fresh seafood platter seafood restaurant birthday treat

Seafood is a great aphrodisiac if not allergic.

Looking For A Romantic Engagement, Honeymoon Or Short Break?

Here are the most romantic cities in the world are… Paris, Prague (Czech Republic), Marrakesh (Morroco), Charleston, New York, L.A (USA), Jaipur (India), San Sebastian (Spain), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Budapest (Hungary), Buenos Aires (Argentina) for clubbing. Italy is also a well-known favourite for beautiful architecture and flattering climate. Kyoto, Japan is a dream trip for most of us girlies. We want to experience shopping, food, fashion, culture and everything that is Japan. It’s not just fashion, it’s the energy.

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