Why Every Woman Should Treat Herself!

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Women are always cramming in duties, without complaint, happily, they make the world go round. Women should empower and support women more. And thankfully today, we are now seeing this more and more. Other reasons; we have hormones and cycles which really suck. We don’t get enough sleep and we are just always on the go! So here are a few ideas of items you may want to treat yourself to.

This week I chose:

  1. Propolis Supplements. Now I’m radiant inside and out, my skin is rejuvenated.
  2. Vichy Gift Set. I figured I’m on a roll, let’s get my antiaging game on!
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar. I thought it was just a myth but it’s great for skin & hair.

I propose that we ladies do make the time to do this every week and make each day more enjoyable!

There must be something on the to try list after all?!

I believe in investing in yourself. This bundle of goodness was not so expensive and has really helped me to feel healthy and well. And there’s no limit on what we should spend to feel healthy!

The cost was around ¬£29.00/$37.00 and it was much better for me than a takeout or food delivery. I really wanted to but I said no and I’m glad I did!

Every woman can heal with these ingredients

Every woman should try this!

I loved these supplements, they are antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial at a guess. They are immune boosting. Fantastic!

I love this Vichy Gift set because it has a clear travel bag I can use for holidays, progressive anti-wrinkle and firming cream, fortifying and plumping daily booster for my handbag (mineral water and hyaluronic acid), perfecting toner for sensitive skin, mineralising water for hot days or for any reason (straight from the volcano!) plus two trial sized products, thickening shampoo and 50 factor sunscreen.

I love the apple cider vinegar as a tonic, in the bath and as a hair rinse. I was feeling a bit itchy and it cured that sensation. I seem to be sensitive to dust. Also, it seemed to freshen my digestion and breath. You only need a teaspoon or less in a glass of water. It’s best to have it around your mealtimes. Making the tonic too strong can irritate or damage the lining of the tummy. It can help many infections but not all. E.g. H Pylori will not be eradicated and a medical professional should be contacted regarding treatment for infection or suspected infection. But it is a great cleaning product for the body and home.

My apple cider vinegar is nearly all gone because I found so many uses for it!

I am looking well and have received lots of positive feedback. And I think that every woman deserves to look and feel her best!


Another product I’d recommend for busy women/parents: Easy Sleep Tea contains Valerian and is great for soothing the nerves and having a great sleep. Maybe a mild one will help the anxious teen or child over 8 with behaviours through a difficult time.

It can be so hard to get a decent nights sleep or relax when you have a busy family and an endless list of chores, appointments, classes and duties. So resting well is really important. Even teenagers can require aided rest when they are busy at school and showing signs of stress or anxiety (speak to a healthcare advisor). The reason is that we are all just so busy these days! Sleep is an important factor in our health. So don’t miss out on your rested sleep!

These products are great for sensitive skin and those who don’t wear makeup. And will give you a nice healthy glow. And that’s confidence-boosting as well! And if it’s a budget purchase just buy the Vichy anti-wrinkle cream.

Anti Aging Get Set For Every Woman Over 35

Anti-Aging Gift Set Review




Vichy Anti Aging Cream Review

I was glad I chose this set

I treated myself to this anti-ageing gift set as I don’t use moisturizers and creams enough and I thought it was time I did. As there are many products within the set I can use them together or separately. The bag is really useful for when I go on holiday and I’ve saved a couple of products for when I do. The trial sized products (thickening shampoo and SPF 50 sunscreen) will be ideal to take with, in addition to those the mineral spray and plumping/moisturizing facial spray. Nice packaging too!

I WOULD recommend this gift set for women over 30-35 as Vichy are leaders in skincare.