Popular Long Lasting Perfumes

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Popular Long Lasting Perfumes

Popular perfumes that women enjoy receiving and wearing, either as a gift set or on their own, gift wrapped. Men enjoy the new smells and women really like a scent that describes who they are. So try to go for a perfume that suits their personality. Wearing a new perfume can boost the day of not just yourself but those all around you.


Paco Rabanne


Luis Vuitton

Giorgio Armani

Jimmy Choo



Calvin Klein

Jean Paul Gautier

Nina Ricci

Vera Wang

Juicy Couture


Ted Baker

Lancome Paris

Marc Jacobs

Este Lauder

Elizabeth Arden

Yves Rocher


These are, I believe some of the best makes in the department stores or on the highstreet.

But did you know that there are perfumes available from 100-1000 price range.

So what’s in these expensive scents?





Perfumes are an ideal gift and if you’re looking for something super sweet that people will remark on, I can give you a few tipsters. Here are the top perfumes that last with a brief description.

  1. Coco Channel Parfum Lively
  2. Louis Vuitton Le Jour Se Lève Eau De Parfum
  3. Gucci Guilty (Engravable)
  4. Vera Wang Love Struck (Young Girls)
  5. Gorgio Armani Si Le Parfum Warm & Tropical
  6. Escada Various Perfumes are very feminine
  7. Joop Is A Very Feminine Exciting Fragrance
  8. Jean Paul Gautier Gautier is formal and clean
  9. Ted Baker Gift Set is a favourite, many sets
  10. Juicy Couture – I love Juicy Couture it’s attractive!

These fragrances are the perfect gift especially the Ted Baker set. It contains mascara, lips balm, body spray and comes in a bag. My daughter really loved the Love Struck Fragrance and the bottle looks beautiful. I get complimented when I wear Ted Baker. Their perfumes are always fresh smelling and original. Make no mistakes when buying perfumes with this easy perfume guide.

top perfumes that last

Top Perfumes That Last

Top Perfumes That Last For Mature Women

Channel No 5 for glamorous women 50-100

Laura Biagiotti perfumes are romantic. 40+

Vanderbilt is a good choice for vibrant, powerful mature women.

Elizabeth Arden Perfumes stand out as feminine and strong. 50+

Yves Rocher Natural botanical perfumes come in many scents and most of their product range is without harmful chemicals. 30+

And don’t worry about getting the wrong one! Sometimes it’s good to try something a little different. But stick to the classics. A little spice, a little fruit and a bit of fun floral. Perfumes generally smell different on different skins and they adapt with the person’s pheromones. That’s why men love smelling women’s perfume so much and why women associate a fragrance with her man (even if they don’t make a conscious memory) They will always remember the great smell. And it’s the same for men!

So if you’d like her to start wearing more fragrance, or want a bit more sex appeal and rapport, why not get matching his – her – fragrances that compliment each other? Like Burberry, Million or DNKY. Women like really strong aftershave on their man. So I guess it’s the same for men right?

Top Perfumes That Last (Budget):

Gucci Rush (Funky)

Sexy Shoe Cheeky

Jessica Parker NYC or Lovely! Strawberry, Mandarin, Honeysuckle & Musk Based Perfume (Extra Sweet).


Share your favourite lasting perfumes and aftershaves in the comments below!